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Worshiping Our Father God!

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Frequently asked questions 

1. Can I bring a tambourine or wave a flag?
} Audience participation is always welcome as long as they are respectful and mindful of others attending. We do ask that a flag be of a reasonable size for the building and kept to the back or side in case we are filming and need the front free from obstruction. 

2. Do you allow the gifts of the Holy Spirit during worship. 
} YES! But we also ask that you are respectful and not demanding of the congregation and leadership. The Gifts are subject to the believer in their use. The pastor always has the right to ask for postponement of the moving if God has so directed him. 

3. Can I sing a special song? 
} Yes, we love to hear other talents and abilities that God has blessed others with the proper way to approach this is to have an usher ask the pastor or music leader if there is a time to do so. 

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