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We are always looking for better ways to be of service to Gods people, community and those who are searching for a life that has meaning and purpose. We function as a strong people of prayer and worship bringing the revelation and prophetic word of God as the Spirit gives utterance.

We are always excited to welcome those who are called to worship and wish to develop their call in this area. However their is a difference between those called to lead others  and those called to participate from the congregation. Many of Gods children love to worship and praise God as they should but this does not mean they are called to the platform. We have discovered that the worshiping congregation is vital to the atmosphere for Gods miracles and movement. It is those who are true worshipers within the congregation that enables the inexperienced worshiper to move forward in Gods Grace to worship. As always those who are called to the platform in vocals or instruments should flow in unity under the leadership respecting God appointed positions.

Sunday School

We love to see growth in our children and youth as they come to church. We have implimented The Super Church Kids Program that allows the parent to continue the lesson at home mid week with their children through a short study that is given out at the end of their service on Sundays. We have chosen to keep the children in the main sanctuary at this time during worship  that they may become involved with true worship and have oportunity to recieve from Gods Spirit in what ever capacity God may choose to move in.

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